Cisco ACI ELAM Packet Capture: Example Commands

Cisco ACI ELAM Packet Capture Example

The ELAM (Embedded Logic Analyzer Module) is a feature that allows you to capture and view the detail of a packet in some Cisco switch ASICs.

When you need to capture a packet and isolate an issue, other Cisco ACI tools, such as acicobraicURL or moquery, wont do you any good.

Capture a packet leaving switch toward host

Here’s a simple configuration example using ELAM to validate that a packet has left the Cisco ACI leaf switch toward a host. This example assumes the sources IP is, the destination IP is and destination port is 135.

Check status


    • Triggered indicates that a packet has been matched and is available to view in the report.
    • Armed it means no packet has been matched by the trigger yet and its active.
    • Initialized means it is not currently capturing and the ELAM is available for triggers to be set or to be armed with start.
View report

At this point you can reference the ip_da and ip_sa fields to validate the match criteria.


Reset ELAM if needed

trigger reset


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